Our Kits


Would you or your company be interested in making a donation of goods to our cause? We do two events a year:

  • Reach Out Saturday – a Winter event focusing on women, children, and families in need.

  • TGS Week – a December event focusing on the greater L.A. homeless community. 

For each event we distribute different kits, which are built around providing specific items that will help the homeless community survive the extreme elements during summer or winter. We are always looking for in-kind donations so we have set up a photo website with pictures of many of the items we include in our kits. Check the lists below to see what items we need. If you or your organization can donate these items we would love to hear from you so contact us.

Sponsor an Item for our next Outreach - it's as simple as online shopping.

Or contact us for additional information on how you can help: [email protected]

Summer Outreach - 40 to 45 Items in each kit covering Hydration, Hygiene, Nutrition, Utility & Sun Protection

Apple Plastic container
Applesauce Plastic fork & spoon
Baby wipes Propel water
Back pack Raisins
Band-Aids Roasted nuts
Baseball cap Shampoo
Beef jerky Soap
Body powder Soap Container
Clif Bar Socks
Comb Sponge
Deodorant Sunglasses -  unisex
Energy drink Sunscreen #30
Facial tissues T-Shirt
Fruit cup Toilet paper roll
Granola bar Tooth paste
Gum Toothbrush
Hair brush (unisex) Towel
Lip balm Trail mix
Lotion Tuna pop-top can
Manicure kit Water
Orange Water bottle
Peanut butter Weenies


December Outreach - 60 to 70 Items in each kit covering Health, Hydration, Hygiene, Nutrition, Utility & Weather Protection

Antibiotic cream Plastic water bottle
Applesauce cups Poncho
Band aids/first aid Protein bar
Baseball hat Raisins/dried apricots
Beef jerky Rope
Blanket Shampoo
Body lotion Soap
Bungee cords Soap container
Clif Bar Socks
Comb Sponge
Crackers Sports drink
Deodorant Sunblock
Duffel bag Sunglasses
Fig bars T-Shirt
Fruit cups Tarp
Fruit/cereal bars Throat lozenges
Gal freezer bags Tissues
Gloves Toilet paper
Granola bars Toothpaste
Hair brush Toothbrush
Hand sanitizer Toothbrush holder
Hand towel Trail mix
Hygiene wipes Tuna poptop can
Lip balm Umbrella
Manicure set Utensils
Paper/ composition book Utility clip
Peanut butter Water
Pen Weenies chicken
Plastic bag Wool cap
Plastic food containers  



Toddler Kits - Summer and Winter - 20 to 25 Items

Baby blanket Baby wipes
Baby bottle Bibs
Baby cap Bottle nipples
Baby lotion Burp cloth
Baby mittens Diaper bag
Baby oil Diapers
Baby powder Formula
Baby shampoo Pacifier
Baby socks Rattler
Baby spoons Sippy cup
Baby sunblock Teether
Baby wipe travel case Vaseline