The Giving Spirit is proud to recognize these individuals for passion, dedication, leadership and service to the homeless community of Los Angeles. 


"Every year we recognize individuals from our amazing volunteer community who have gone the extra mile to make a difference in our organization. These two awards, The Chairman's Award and The True Spirit Award, represent long hours, hard work and a commitment to helping others."
               Tom Bagamane, Founder and Chairman


The Chairman's Award

This annual award is given an individual whose leadership within the organization has made a significant impact. award1.jpgWinners include leaders from different committees and parts of the organization and are people who symbolize the true spirit of giving of themselves to better the life of others.

Past winners include: Mike Savage, Bree McCool, Jim Underwood, Mark Sleeper, Clarence Johnson, Tim Ingram and James Segil.



The True Spirit Award

Is voted on by the TGS leadership team and recognizes members of the Giving Spirit community who are making a difference. As an all volunteer organization everyone find time at nights and on weekends to be part of this organization year round and we recognize their gift of time, passion and sacrifice.

Past winners include: Lucy Vlahakis, Tashia Hinchliffe, Phil Friedman, Julie Hartz, Ryan Martinez, Dave Ganoung & Kim Foster, Jeff Burt, Pamela Nabel, Mike Salmen and Hector Soto.