Educational Programs

In 2016, we launched an educational platform grounded in understanding, acknowledgement and perspective – to provide insight around the process of confronting the community crisis that is homelessness in America. This is an opportunity to empower dialogue and learning for a long-term solution while continuing to provide essential survival aid to those in desperate need - right now.

Just recently, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development named LA, for the second year in a row, the number one city for chronic homelessness – with growth in youth homelessness being the largest contributors.

Read our Charter/Mandate for The Giving Spirit's Education and Community Development Committee here... 

TGS has consistently been called an effective teaching tool for children and families in the areas of poverty, community empowerment and entitlement in LA by parents, teachers and kids. We want to honor that, stand by it and build on it.


At our December Outreach, we held three of our educational program sessions. These sessions ran in conjunction with our survival kits assembly - and dozens of our dedicated volunteers took to the opportunity to listen and learn. 

“Back from the Brink” 

 - A panel of formerly homeless citizens share their inspiring stories

   Click Here for short recap video        Click Here for full "Back from the Brink" video


“The State of the Unsheltered in LA” 

 - A Town Hall with Councilman Mike Bonin, 11th District


“Kids Teaching Kids” 

 - Homelessness seen through the eyes of our youth


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