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Let’s Serve 10,000 Homeless Angelenos Together.

For 20 years The Giving Spirit has sustained life and hope for tens of thousands of homeless Angelenos. In the age of COVID-19, it’s time for all of Us to rally to boldly serve them - their already vulnerable lives have never been more at risk. Thousands in desperate need will be powerfully impacted by your abundant generosity.

And just as with their traditional Survival Kits, each Health and Safety Kit will include a homemade “Friendship Card” – it’s often the first item that the recipients pull from the bag because it tells them just how much we care and gives them hope that they are not forgotten! We would love your compassion and creativity to help create these cards…and make sure it gets to those in need. It’s totally safe and easier than you might think. DEADLINE TO DROP OFF THE NEXT 3000 CARDS DUE BY JUNE 4TH AND THE FINAL 4000 CARDS MUST BE IN BY JUNE 21ST.



Join us to Serve 10,000 Lives in 60 Days!


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Summer Outreach 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19. We are in the midst of our 60-day 10,000 Lives Project to make a powerful impact in a City/County-compliant safety-first assembly and outreach program.


Once Again, We United To Serve


Our 20th Winter Outreach was yet another incredible gathering of community, with over 2,000 volunteers of all ages and backgrounds coming together to serve the enormous population of unsheltered men, women, and children in Los Angeles. Once again, Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilman Mike Bonin were on the scene to lend a hand and raise their voices in support of The Giving Spirit and the work that its volunteers do. The Mayor spoke of LA’s first, small decrease in homelessness in many years, and his pride in The Giving Spirit’s role in helping to mitigate the effects of poverty in our City.


Since 1999:   55,000+ lives served   20,000+ volunteers   Over $4 million raised

Abundant appreciation to all of the generous donors who helped make this happen. What many may not know is that only 20% of our goods in our sustenance kits are product donations. The rest we purchase using your donations. To help fund the life-critical items in our kits, help us close our $40,000 budget gap and donate now there are only 7 days left to make a tax-exempt contribution.

Remember, a minimum of $.90 of every dollar goes back to the lives on our streets. And as we enter 2019, we set our sights higher, with even bigger goals to help those in need! 


We Assembled. We Distributed. We Learned. We Connected.

We owe so much to the many who tirelessly and selflessly strive for us and for others to better serve the unsheltered of our City. Thank you to all as we appreciate every man, woman, and child who comes to lend a hand.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of others.”

Charles Dickens


What We Do

The Giving Spirit provides immediate aid and a human connection to homeless lives--men, women, children and families in Greater Los Angeles. We also educate volunteers and communities about the human face of homelessness with the goal of recognizing that homelessness does not mean hopelessness and lives can be improved and housing challenges resolved through community awareness and action.

Volunteer. Give. Learn. 

Podcast with our founder, Tom BagamaneLegendsLosers.jpg

Listen to Tom on “Legends & Losers” - Motivational & Inspiration Stories with an Edge. Go to iTunes and listen or download episode 98 with Silicon Valley Host Christopher Lochhead and Tom as they discuss 'Solving Big Problems like Poverty and Homelessness'. 



The HuffPost RISE show helps spread the word about The Giving Spirit and the Homeless Survival Kits being distributed throughout Los Angeles

"A Simple Act of Kindness" - State Farm and AOL/Huffington Post recognizes The Giving Spirit

The Giving Spirit is humbled and honored that State Farm on Giving Tuesday recognized the community service commitment of Founder and Chairman Tom Bagamane in its AOL/Huffington Post series “A Simple Act of Kindness”. This national series profiles people from across the country who take action to positively affect their communities. 

Take a few minutes and watch this wonderful tribute to our friend and founder Tom Bagamane.


More videos about our leaders and volunteers >

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