Over 1,600 unhoused died on our streets last year – your tax-deductible gift will help save thousands more from this fate.

An amazingly generous donor has pledged to match all gifts up to $50,000 – until year’s end – you can make your generosity reach twice as far in lifting the lives of our neediest neighbors.

Your matched donation has never been needed more!   We must close the budget gap caused by 2023’s:

  • 60-70% Volunteerism drop from pre-pandemic levels-–limiting potential funding.

  • Inflation that dramatically affected virtually all operating costs.

  • Local campaign rhetoric focused solely on housing-first solutions – ignoring the crucial first mile of care and education that The Giving Spirit provides so that our most vulnerable neighbors can qualify for housing as a possible end goal.

Please don’t delay another second!  Double the impact of your humanity.  Help us lift lives – block-by-block, tent-by-tent, and soul-by-soul.

2023’s challenges created a huge funding gap.

Your matched gift will help us close it.

What We Do

The Giving Spirit provides immediate aid and a human connection to homeless lives--men, women, children and families in Greater Los Angeles. We also educate volunteers and communities about the human face of homelessness with the goal of recognizing that homelessness does not mean hopelessness and lives can be improved and housing challenges resolved through community awareness and action.

Volunteer. Give. Learn. 


Podcast with our founder, Tom Bagamane

Listen to Tom on “Legends & Losers” - Motivational & Inspiration Stories with an Edge. Go to iTunes and listen or download episode 98 with Silicon Valley Host Christopher Lochhead and Tom as they discuss 'Solving Big Problems like Poverty and Homelessness'. 


The HuffPost RISE show helps spread the word about The Giving Spirit and the Homeless Survival Kits being distributed throughout Los Angeles

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