#TheyAreUs Docu-series

The Giving Spirit and First Media have partnered to shift the narrative on homelessness in Los Angeles: the greatest humanitarian crisis in the history of our City. Through this six episode docu-series we break down barriers to true understanding by revealing the truth in how our homeless neighbors lives closely resemble our own before fate tragically interceded. These stories humanize those that live in the shadows by replacing objectifying stereotypes with the startling reality, that, truly, #TheyAreUs.


Episode One: From Harvard to Homeless to LA Councilman

Mike Bonin’s story launches our docu-series unveiling the heroic journey  of a few of our resilient homeless Angelino’s. Mike, who grew up in a normal family and graduated from Harvard University, tragically succumbed to addiction leaving him homeless and lost.  He sought help,  fought his way back from the edge and  into City Hall as Councilmember of Los Angeles' high-profile 11th District #TheyAreUs


Episode Two: How did the “girl next door” end up on Skid Row”?

Terri “Detroit” Huges grew up in privilege and stability. When the truth of her own life was revealed as a teenager it spiraled her into a journey that almost cost her life. Detroit is a mother, grandmother and a staunch advocate for her peers who remain on the streets.  #TheyAreUs


Episode Three: “A sandwich and a side of hope” – an Army vet fights his way back from despair

His training as a soldier never prepared him to face the loss of his two infant sons.  Devastated broken and lost he found himself facing his own mortality as a homeless father and grandfather. He heroically found his way back.  #TheyAreUs


Episode Four: A child survivor of the streets finds her poetic voice

Keke moved to LA as a child and was homeless before she was ten. She spent her formative teen years surviving on the street and in shelters, but has found her amazing voice in the artistry of the spoken word  and in the safety of her own home #TheyAreUs


Episode Five: Driven to the streets by his own mother, he used education as his way back

From the time he was a child, Kyle suffered horrific abuse at the hands of his mother. To save his life, he fled to the streets, eventually got help, earned three degrees and became a professional, a husband and the proud father of twins  #TheyAreUs


Episode Six: A resilient mother and her boys fight for survival

Domestic violence forced Caroline and her five sons to sleep in cars and shelters but didn’t stop her from getting them to school every day - on her way to work. Mother to a college student and a Marine, she’s a profile of courage. #TheyAreUs