Education and Community Development Committee

Preferred interests and objectives, opportunities of an individual on this team:

- Positively impacting the future of our youth as well as on our communities
- Influencing the mission of TGS as we pivot our platform from event-driven to solution-driven strategy through helping craft initiatives, sessions and direction of the Committee
- To be on the forefront of the “learning dialogue” that will shape our growth
- To be a pioneer on this committee, within TGS and in our City

Key and Valued Characteristics (none are mandatory)

- Education background or a passion for education and its position as the cultural and societal differentiator/bridge to mitigate the effect of poverty on a population
- A passion for making a difference
- Believes in the power of the TGS learning model (Immersive Learning)
- Educated, articulate
- Up to speed on the latest in learning techniques
- SM conversant and not technologically-challenged (LOL)
- Likes being a part of a team
- Time Commitment
   o Has the ability to meet once a month for two hours
   o Initially more time upfront to help craft and articulate Board mandate (TBD)
   o A few hours a month researching/meeting/thinking/ideating ☺
   o (Committee Chair – will have their own plan, TBD)

For more information, please contact: [email protected]