19,000 Homeless Children and Women in L.A. Need Your Help

Make An Instant Impact On Our City- Los Angeles has the largest population of homeless children and women in the country. Nearly 40% of all the homeless in LA, numbering over 19,000 are women and children under the age of 18. Not only are they the most vulnerable to every predator on the streets, they are the fastest growing segment of homelessness in the US.

Do you want to give them hope, sustenance and relief from the heat of a LA summer? Then join us, Friday and Saturday June 10th and 11th for The Giving Spirit’s (TGS) Annual Reach Out Saturday –  focused on seeking out and providing aid to homeless children and women. Gather together with folks from all over the city to assemble 1250 backpacks filled to the brim with all the essentials anyone would need seeking shelter from the savage summer sun. This is an ideal event for families and children of all ages to make a difference together while learning the truth about poverty and homelessness in LA.

After assembling the packs we will deliver them to over half a dozen TGS non-profit partners who provide tireless and selfless aid to our clients 365 days a year. Many of our shelter partners are specifically dedicated to helping women, children and families, these amazing organizations include: Covenant House, Downtown Women’s Center, Jeff Griffith Youth Center, San Fernando Valley, Rescue Mission, Stand Up for Kids and My Friend’s Place.  Spend quality time with our clients getting to know their stories and allowing them to reconnect to a world that has long since forgotten them.

Shelters are overflowing with families and young children. A substantial majority of LA’s 5,000 homeless families are headed by a single mother. 45-50% of children in those families are below the age of 6. And the most horrific statistic – 13 homeless youths die on average every day in America.  Help us bring comfort, smiles and respite from the harsh realities of the streets to 1250 souls. Bring your kids, your friends, your school mates. Just come.

We only have 100 volunteers registered with a goal of 400. Spread the word!